Our Gender Reveal for Baby Winters

After finding out the gender with our doctor on Valentine’s Day, D and I hosted a small brunch for our family to share the exciting news.

*Skip to the bottom to find out baby’s gender! Or read through for a rundown on the party menu and decorations.*

(Our immediate family turned out to be almost 20 people, so maybe “small” isn’t that accurate. A smallish brunch for immediate family.)

I know the internet’s opinion on gender reveals is pretty divided, so I was worried that some of my family might look at this as me being “extra.” Thankfully, if they had any unkind opinions about it beforehand, they kept it to themselves .

It turned out to be a really nice afternoon spent with family and lots of good food. And it was the first real celebration of the baby, so it felt like a really special moment to share with everyone.

Below are some of the details for our gender reveal brunch:

The Menu

  • Assorted bagels
  • Bagel toppings: cream cheese, butter, smoked salmon, capers, lemon wedges, pickles and onions
  • Cheese platter with jam and crackers
  • Cold filet mignon with a creamy dill sauce
  • Fruit platter with fruit dip
  • Tres Leche cake (for the reveal)
  • Assorted juices and coffee

When your boyfriend is a former chef, the bagel spread gets a little fancy

The decorations

I tried to go low-key with the decorations, while still having some fun. D’s constant reminders to not go overboard were a helpful reminder because I was planning on going WAY harder on the pink and blue accessories. But hey, I love a good theme!

Not pictured: pink and blue balloons arranged throughout the house, gender reveal themed plates, cups, and napkins.

The Big Reveal!

It’s a…

Boy!!!!!!!! 😀

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