Week 21: Anatomy scan week

The moment that D and I have been waiting for since we found out that we couldn’t find out the gender via blood test is almost here!

This Friday we’ll be going for an anatomy scan ultrasound to check on all of the baby’s organs and we’ll get to find out the gender as well.

I feel like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas morning. The week can not go by fast enough for me!

How I feel

I feel pretty tired this week. I think my belly is starting to get to the size where, after a big meal, I feel out of breath. And bending down is starting to feel awkward.

Speaking of awkward…man, am I CLUMSY lately. I have been dropping and knocking over things left and right, much to D’s amusement! I can only imagine this getting worse as I get bigger. Pray for the breakable object around me because they don’t stand a chance!

I took this photo on Sunday right before D and I went for a walk around the mall “like old people do” (his words) so that I could get in some exercise without going to the gym. Hey, when it’s freezing outside, you have to improvise!

Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights: feeling the baby move regularly throughout the day now, got some comfy maternity bras, we find out the gender this week!!

Lowlights: have turned into a human wrecking ball because of my newfound clumsiness, weird sharp back pains, can no longer button my coat due to the bump being quite bumpin’.

I think that will probably be it in terms of post for this week. I’ve got tons of writing work on my plate and a family gender reveal party to get ready for. Plus life in general. But I’ll be back next week to share our baby’s gender and all about the reveal!

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