Week 22: One Chunky Baby!

Week 22 still has me in awe of the fact that I can now refer to the baby as a “him” instead of the gender-neutral “they,” thanks to his anatomy scan ultrasound this past Friday.

After months of being convinced I was having a girl, the realization that my “mother’s intuition” needs a little fine-tuning came in the form of a teeny weenie being pointed out on a doctor’s monitor!

We also got told that our little guy is measuring slightly big for his gestational age, at 1.3 lbs. So he’s a little chunker already!

Our baby boy!

We are over-the-moon excited to welcome our sweet baby boy to this world in June. And I’m finally able to shop my heart out for cute, non-gray scale, baby outfits. Thank god!

How I’m feeling this week

Round. My belly has definitely popped. Great for cute maternity pics. Not so great for my reflux and GERD. I feel like my stomach is getting pushed up higher and higher to make room for baby (which I think it actually is), making any reflux-related inflammation feel even more pronounced.

Also, sad. My uncle passed away this Sunday and my aunt (his wife) has just been placed into hospice care. With my uncle’s funeral and burial this weekend, and my aunt possibly passing any day, it has been an emotional week. I’ve been trying my best to think positive, as I’m worried that so much crying and cortisol could have a negative effect on the baby. But also, sad is sad and this really sucks.


•the baby’s gender reveal brunch

•lots of movement from the baby!

•Actually SEEING my stomach move from the baby once this week


• reflux and GERD, per usual

•as the belly grows, it’s starting to get harder to get comfortable

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