Week 33: A Mama-to-Be’s Mother’s Day

My “mama-to-be” Mother’s Day started off on a sweet note, with D waking me up with heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes and fresh strawberries.

It got even sweeter when he found a house for us to go look at. The house itself turned out to be a bust. Beautiful on the outside but a ton of work needed to be done on the inside.

After that, we stopped by my parents’ house to eat lunch with my family and spend some time with my mom for Mother’s Day.

We then took our time driving home and made a couple of detours through little towns, checking out the real estate as we went and contacting more local agents.

It was a fun, laidback kind of first Mother’s Day, spent with my honey and doing things that I enjoy doing (we also got some pretty good pizza. Score!).

I know that to some people, my first “real” Mother’s Day will be once the baby is actually born. I can see their point there. But to me, I feel like I already am a momma just by being a mama-in-waiting, and it was nice to celebrate the blessing of being the mama of this little baby growing inside of me.

All in all, a very good day.


•celebrated my first Mother’s Day

•we finally sold our extra fish tank, which made more room for baby’s things

•our house hunting has really picked up


•swelling in my feet and hands has become a daily thing now

•you know that insomnia is no joke still

•a house we really fell in love with turned out to be too much of a fixer upper for our budget