Pregnancy Week 25: the return of Braxton-Hicks

My old friend (nemesis) Braxton-Hicks has come back into town. This week has been filled with moments of stomach tightening and random mild cramps during the day and at night.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been drinking less water lately. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and working my butt off trying to prepare for this maternity leave. Maybe it’s a full moon.

What I do know is that Braxton-Hicks towards the end of the second trimester seems a lot more nerve wracking than when it was occurring in the first.

Even though I’ve been reassured that having these false contractions in no way mean that I’ll going into preterm labor, my mind can’t help but flash to that thought when the second pang within an hour occurs.

And every time they happen, my thoughts head into preemptive mom guilt territory. I should be resting more. Sleeping better. I’m doing too much. Not exercising enough. I should be doing XYZ. And on, and on, and on…

I probably should be resting more, it’s true. But rest isn’t a very really option right now, with so much to be done and a counting down of the clock. I am doing my best to rest in the small, quiet moments that I can find throughout the day. That will have to do for now.

And water. I’m starting to drink more of that again too.


• baby kicks and flips that I can geel

•people are starting to buy items from our registry and cute baby things are showing up in the mail

•started reading a new book about caring for yourself in the postpartum period



•my buddy Braxton Hicks

•the pregnancy constipation is real and it’s a bummer (and that is my bum pun for the week, ladies and gentlemen *bows gracefully*)