Pregnancy Week 24: Baby is movin’ and groovin’

I am 6 months pregnant this week and baby boy is as active as ever!

I’m feeling his kicks and flips on a daily basis, which has become my daily assurance that things are going “okay” in there.

To make things even more exciting, D felt the baby kick for the first time this Sunday! This happened after two weeks of me consistently shouting for him to come and feel the baby move…and the baby stopping every time he put his hand on my belly. Oops!

It was disappointing for him and frustrating for me. I swear he was moving just two seconds ago! Then I had a thought. What if the reason the baby stopped moving when D put his hand on my belly was due to me talking to D about the baby moving?

Was the sound of my voice causing our little guy to quiet down in there and listen?

It came to my attention that most of the times I had felt the baby kick strongly, I was sitting down and not speaking to anyone. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe not.

So this past Sunday night I decided on a plan to test out my “my baby is such a good listener he must be quieting down to listen to his mama speak” theory. While D and I were hanging out, watching The Office and playing Jenga, the baby started kicking around.

These kicks were the real deal and I could feel the pokes making their way to the surface of my belly.

Frantically, like a silent psychopath, I began waving my arms at D and making quiet snapping motions with my fingers. He must have thought I was trying to distract him from his next move in Jenga, because the man paid me no mind.

“Psst,” I whispered, “psst! Come feel, quick! The baby is kicking!”

I was nervous that even the whisper may have been too loud, as D quickly laid his hand across my stomach.

Then it happened. One big, strong kick from baby to daddy.

D’s eyes lit up in surprise and then he let out a happy laugh.

“That was a big one,” he beamed, “I’ve never felt even the smallest kick from him before, but he kicked me really hard! Oh my god!”

It was a such a great moment.

As a side note: what are the chances that baby boy’s in utero tendency to stop what he’s doing and listen to his mama will continue when he’s outside of the womb and well into his teenage years? High? Slim to none? Ahh well, I’ll enjoy this while it lasts at least!

There’s a little kicker in here somewhere!


•D feeling the baby kick!

•I got a free chocolate croissant at Starbucks for being pregnant (I could get used to that perk!)

•3 months now until we meet our baby


•I know I say this almost every week, but man my GERD is a real lowlight

•What is sleep? Insomnia has been crazy this week.

Week 23: (Unintentional) Belly Shirts

Week 23 of pregnancy means even the loosest pre-pregnancy shirts are holding on for dear life now.

I have reached the point in my pregnancy where even my loosest pre-maternity tops are holding onto dear life against my burgeoning baby bump.

Yesterday, in an early morning rush out the door, I threw on a (once loose) long sleeved shirt with a pair of leggings. Sure, the shirt felt a bit more snug than usual, but I shrugged it off because it had fit me fine the week before.

Well. As it turns out, this week is very different than the week before.

When I finally got around to looking in a mirror, I realized that there was about one inch of tummy peaking out from between my shirt and my leggings. An inch that no amount of pulling or tugging on my clothes could cover up.

I had inadvertently gone out of the house this morning looking like Backwoods Barbie: pregnant and in a belly shirt (with Uggs).

Oy. Not my best fashion moment lol

Needless to say, if you catch me in the maternity section of a Target this weekend, you know why I’m there.

“It’s all fun and games until your pants don’t fit.”


• feeling the baby move will always be a highlight

• almost getting my reflux under control (hopefully by the end of the week?)

• we are almost 100% on a baby name


• a not-so-fun our of breath feeling after big meals

•weird upper abdominal pain when bloated, which I think could be from my hiatal hernia? Not fun

Week 22: One Chunky Baby!

Week 22 still has me in awe of the fact that I can now refer to the baby as a “him” instead of the gender-neutral “they,” thanks to his anatomy scan ultrasound this past Friday.

After months of being convinced I was having a girl, the realization that my “mother’s intuition” needs a little fine-tuning came in the form of a teeny weenie being pointed out on a doctor’s monitor!

We also got told that our little guy is measuring slightly big for his gestational age, at 1.3 lbs. So he’s a little chunker already!

Our baby boy!

We are over-the-moon excited to welcome our sweet baby boy to this world in June. And I’m finally able to shop my heart out for cute, non-gray scale, baby outfits. Thank god!

How I’m feeling this week

Round. My belly has definitely popped. Great for cute maternity pics. Not so great for my reflux and GERD. I feel like my stomach is getting pushed up higher and higher to make room for baby (which I think it actually is), making any reflux-related inflammation feel even more pronounced.

Also, sad. My uncle passed away this Sunday and my aunt (his wife) has just been placed into hospice care. With my uncle’s funeral and burial this weekend, and my aunt possibly passing any day, it has been an emotional week. I’ve been trying my best to think positive, as I’m worried that so much crying and cortisol could have a negative effect on the baby. But also, sad is sad and this really sucks.


•the baby’s gender reveal brunch

•lots of movement from the baby!

•Actually SEEING my stomach move from the baby once this week


• reflux and GERD, per usual

•as the belly grows, it’s starting to get harder to get comfortable

Our Gender Reveal for Baby Winters

After finding out the gender with our doctor on Valentine’s Day, D and I hosted a small brunch for our family to share the exciting news.

*Skip to the bottom to find out baby’s gender! Or read through for a rundown on the party menu and decorations.*

(Our immediate family turned out to be almost 20 people, so maybe “small” isn’t that accurate. A smallish brunch for immediate family.)

I know the internet’s opinion on gender reveals is pretty divided, so I was worried that some of my family might look at this as me being “extra.” Thankfully, if they had any unkind opinions about it beforehand, they kept it to themselves .

It turned out to be a really nice afternoon spent with family and lots of good food. And it was the first real celebration of the baby, so it felt like a really special moment to share with everyone.

Below are some of the details for our gender reveal brunch:

The Menu

  • Assorted bagels
  • Bagel toppings: cream cheese, butter, smoked salmon, capers, lemon wedges, pickles and onions
  • Cheese platter with jam and crackers
  • Cold filet mignon with a creamy dill sauce
  • Fruit platter with fruit dip
  • Tres Leche cake (for the reveal)
  • Assorted juices and coffee

When your boyfriend is a former chef, the bagel spread gets a little fancy

The decorations

I tried to go low-key with the decorations, while still having some fun. D’s constant reminders to not go overboard were a helpful reminder because I was planning on going WAY harder on the pink and blue accessories. But hey, I love a good theme!

Not pictured: pink and blue balloons arranged throughout the house, gender reveal themed plates, cups, and napkins.

The Big Reveal!

It’s a…

Boy!!!!!!!! 😀