Pregnancy Week 35: Maternity Leave

The days of putting up my feet and nesting have finally begun! And not a moment too soon! I don’t think my feet and ankles could have taken any more of chasing two 5 year olds around all day.

This past Friday began the start of my maternity leave. I plan on resting and nesting, of course, while also completing my online board certification of Special Education Advocacy.

The goal is to complete all or most of this course before baby boy gets here. That way I can enjoy my time with him fully, then dive right into starting my consulting business in the fall (when he will hopefully be on a solid sleep schedule).

I am so excited for D and I to be parents and get to care for this new little life of ours.

I am also excited for the swelling in my feet and hands to disappear, and to be able to roll over in bed without getting out of breath! Haha

Look at that squishy face 😍


•baby boys Estimated Fetal Weight scan put him in the 60% percentile for growth and right on track!

•I started my maternity leave this week

•our hospital bags are almost completely packed


•swollen feet are a daily thing

•carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands thanks to this all of this fluid I’m retaining

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