Pregnancy Week 28/29: All the Feels!

Another emotional couple of weeks as a preggo in her third trimester, in the middle of a pandemic.

With Easter right around the corner, I am missing my family more than ever. FaceTime and phone calls are helping with the day-to-day, but not spending a major holiday together is tougher.

D has been sweet about the whole thing (Easter isn’t as big of a deal in his family) and has promised to make me an Easter dinner identical to what we would have at my parent’s house. Ham, mashed potatoes, corn (off the cob, of course) and green beans.

If I can’t have my whole family with me that day, at least I can have D, FaceTime, and comfort food.

All the feels

I feel like I have been way more emotional these past couple of weeks than I’ve felt the entire pregnancy. I’m sure it’s partly due to pregnancy hormones and partly due to the stress of a pandemic.

The other day I cried during a scene in Forrest Gump that isn’t even a tearjerker. What made me cry? The realization that, due to his limited understanding, Forrest could never understand the depth of the trauma Jenny had suffered her entire life!! Ugh.

Then I cried for the scene after that. And the scene after that. D was a mix of amused and terrified haha.

Is it maternity leave time yet?

I am getting tired, man. Physically (hello, belly and shortness of breath!) and emotionally.

I feel like I no longer have the energy to be the fun, game-playing nanny and I just want to lay on the couch and rest already.

At the same time, I’m grateful to still be bringing in an income at a time when millions of Americans are being laid-off. I’m grateful for the extra time I have to save up so that I can spend time at home with my son when he’s born.

I’m trying my best to keep that in mind as I crawl my way through the next month and a half!

Self-isolation means plenty of time on the weekends for “nesting” activities. Hello, organized baby closet!


• it’s third trimester time!

• we had our hospital “tour” over there phone and got to ask questions about what our birthing experience might be like

• FaceTimed my mom and sister and showed them my growing bump


• So. Many. EMOTIONS!

• baby shower is officially canceled

• social distancing means little to no in-person time with my family

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