Pregnancy Week 26: social distancing

What a whacky, scary time to be pregnant.

Basically everyone in the world is practicing social distancing and self-quarantining because of COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus.

(Almost) Everything is Closed

Nonessential stores have been closed and restaurants have had to either adapt to offering takeaway and delivery services, or take the risk of being fully closed for an unknown period of time.

All across the maternity chat boards that I follow, pregnant women are facing the real fear of contracting the virus while pregnant.

New + Unknown = Scary

The CDC is currently stating that pregnant women don’t seem to be at an increased risk of complications from the virus, compared to the general population (which is a relief).

But there’s also the fear of the unknown still lingering. As of now, newborns don’t seem to be suffering any marked complications from their mother contracting the virus while pregnant, but I still wonder if there might be something that pops up in these babies as they grow that we just aren’t seeing.

Hopefully not. Hopefully this really is similar to the flu, in that most babies are born free of any complications or defects from it. For now, it seems like time will tell and I’m having my first serious bout of mom-anxiety from it.

A Bad Time for Baby Showers

On a less serious note, a consequence of the virus and the calls for social distancing/quarantining is that large gatherings like baby showers are being canceled left and right.

There are more questions than I can count on the chat boards from moms-to-be who are fretting over whether or not to cancel their showers. Some have already called theirs off, while others are still holding out for hope that mid-April might bring an end to social distancing.

My cousin-in-law has made the call to cancel her April 5th shower because of virus worries, and instead hold a “meet the baby” party a few months after her baby is born.

As of now, my baby shower on May 9th is still on, but that could change if conditions don’t improve.

At the end of the day, not having a shower to celebrate the arrival of our first baby would really suck, but I know it’s not the end of the world (well, hopefully not! Lol).

After all, my health and the health of those I love matters more in the long run than a party. But still, fingers crossed this all clears up soon!

A St. Patrick’s Day spent safe inside

Week: 26

Weight: +30


•people are buying things from our registry

•we’re pretty set on our baby name now


•Coronavirus craziness

•the pregnancy insomnia is still very real

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