Week 32: Should we buy a house?

Our apartment is small. 750 square feet, to be exact, with 50 of those feet being taken up by our gigantic, 175 gallon fish tank (we started out with a 10 gallon and soon became “crazy fish parents”).

My nephew and our gigantic fish tank

We have been realizing with every baby-related Amazon delivery at our doorstep, that our very small apartment is soon to be crowded and cluttered with our tiny baby’s many baby accessories.

At first, we had thought of finding a two bedroom apartment in the fall when our lease is up. But now, due to a few different factors, we’re leaning heavily in favor of making the very grownup decision of buying our first home.

Some of our reasoning include:

1. We don’t want to throw money away on rent

Considering how much more a 2 bedroom in Stamford would cost us, we feel it just makes sense to put that money into a home that is all ours.

2. We would have a backyard for the baby to play in

Let’s face it: most American apartments do not come with outside space. You are lucky to get a small balcony even in a “luxury” apartment and any outdoor space (pool, tennis courts, club house, etc.) are usually going to be shared with 20+ people in your building. Buying a home with our own backyard is a big plus in my opinion.

3. The COVID crisis has given rise to a lot more homeless people gathering outside of our apartment building

Living in downtown Stamford, there are always a few homeless people panhandling on our street. For the most, they’re pretty harmless and respectful of personal space. But ever since social distancing has been put in place, less people have been out and many of the panhandlers have gotten more aggressive and bold in their gatherings. There are times when D and I have come home to a small group of them hanging out in front of our doorway. With a baby due soon, having drug and alcohol-addicted people hanging out so close to our home doesn’t make me feel very safe.

4. The housing market might soon be in favor of “buyers” and we have the ability to save for a down payment right now

We keep hearing that it will soon be a good time to buy a house. We also have the beginning of a down payment and some serious motivation to reach our goals (hello, baby). So the timing just seems right.

5. Room to grow

Getting a house over another apartment gives us a place of our own to plant some real roots in. I love living downtown, but it will be nice to find and move to an area that we know we’ll be raising our children in.

We still have some time to save up before we are ready to put a down payment on our first home, but having clear intentions on when we would like to do this by is helpful.

This is a big step for us as a couple and as a new family. And it’s a step I’m very excited about!


•drove to the Bronx with D to satisfy my pizza craving from Louie and Ernie’s (my childhood pizza spot!)

•a number of people said some really kind and encouraging things about my pregnancy this week

•the Bebé Day By Day book that I ordered came in this week and had proven to be, as promised, chock full of the good parenting tidbits that I loved in its predecessor, Bringing Up Bébé. Both books are written by Pamela Druckerman.


•my achy, achy feet!

•insomnia is still messing my sleep up

•I am starting to feel burnout at work and am counting down the days until my maternity leave begins

One of the many times I was “feet up, bump out” at home this week

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